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From:Monday, August 30, 2010 12:37 PM -0400
Subject:WCPS Constitution and Bylaws 
Ratified September 29, 2010
Article 1 - Name
The name of this organization shall be Winston Churchill Public School Council (hereinafter ìthe School Council" or ìthe Councilî).
Article 2 - Purposes
The primary purposes of this organization shall be:
a)      to increase parental involvement in the school in order to enhance student learning
b)      to provide parents, staff, students and community members with a forum to learn about education and community needs
c)      to provide a meaningful advisory role for parents and the community
d)      to enhance communication and foster partnerships among parents, teachers, administrators and the community
e)      to make recommendations to our area trustees and to the Limestone District School Board (hereinafter ìthe Boardî) on policy matters of mutual interest and concern and
f)      to work with our area trustees and the Board toward implementation of those recommendations.  
Article 3 - Membership
Membership is open to every parent or guardian of any student attending Winston Churchill Public School (W.C.P.S.), the school Principal, teaching staff and support staff of W.C.P.S.
Article 4 - Council Executive
Section 1: The Council Executive shall consist of:
a)      Chair
b)      School Principal
c)      Vice Chair
d)      Secretary
e)      Treasurer

Section 2: The members of the Council Executive shall be elected for a term of two years, and may stand for re-election.

Section 3: If it is necessary to replace a member of the Council Executive through resignation or as per Article 4, Section 7, the following procedure will take place:
a)      When the member is a parent/guardian, parent/guardian members of the Executive may appoint or elect a successor for the balance of the term
b)      when the member is a teacher, teachers may appoint or elect a successor for the balance of the term
c)      when the member is support staff, support staff may appoint or elect a successor for the balance of the term

Section 4: An individual appointed to the Council Executive to fill a vacancy may run for election without the appointed term impacting the number of subsequent term(s) of office.

Section 5: The duties of the members of the Council Executive shall be determined by the by-laws of the School Council.

Section 6: No member shall hold more than one executive office at one time.

Section 7: The Council Executive may replace executive members who, without providing an acceptable reason, fail to attend at least 50% of the executive meetings during a school year.

Section 8: The Council Executive will evaluate its activities and set goals annually that reflect the needs of students, community views and the school growth or improvement plan.
Article 5 - Meetings
Section 1: Rules of Parliamentary Procedure contained in Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of the Council Executive, the Council as a whole and other committees of the Council.

Section 2: A quorum will consist of five members of the Council and shall include at least the Chair or his/her delegate, and four other people who are either members-at-large or members of the Excecutive.

Section 3: Regular meetings may be cancelled if a quorum fails to attend within 15 minutes of the announced meeting time.

Section 4: The Council will meet formally at least six times during the school year.

Section 5: Executive and all other meetings shall be open to all members and the public.

Section 6: All members present, except the Principal, are entitled to vote.

Section 7: The Annual General Meeting for the School Council shall take place one time for each school year on a date to be set by the Council with the date published one month in advance in the school newsletter or on the School Council Bulletin Board.

Section 8: A written agenda will be distributed to all members of the Council Executive at least three days prior to all scheduled meetings. The agenda will be posted on the School Council Bulletin Board a week prior to the meeting.

Section 9: All members of the Council Executive shall receive copies of the minutes of the previous meeting after they have been reviewed by the Chair and the Principal.  Minutes shall also be made available on request to other interested members of the school community and a copy shall be posted in the school on the School Council Bulletin Board.
Article 6 - Amendments

Section 1: Both the Constitution and the by-laws may be amended by a 2/3's vote of the members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

Section 2: Notice of motion of any such amendments must be submitted in writing and presented at a regular meeting at least one month in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

Section 3: Once adopted, such amendments shall take effect immediately.

Section 4: The Council Executive shall review its constitution and bylaws periodically.
Article 7 - Committees
Section 1: The Council Executive shall appoint annually Standing Committees and may appoint Ad Hoc Committees as deemed necessary.

Section 2: Members involved with Standing and Ad Hoc Committees shall report their progress regularly to the Council Executive and/or to a general meeting of the Council itself.

Section 3: All external correspondence from any committee of the School Council should go out under the signature or approval of the Chair of the Council.

Article 8 - Election Procedures
Section 1: Parents and guardians will be elected by parents and guardians at the annual meeting to which all parents and guardians have been invited.  The Chair will be elected by all members. Teachers and support staff will elect their representatives prior to the first Council meeting in September.

Section 2: Nominations for each office shall be made from the floor; the nominee must provide assent to the nomination.  The nominator will briefly outline the qualifications of the nominee.

Section 3: Election shall be by secret ballot only if more than one nomination is received for any one position.

Section 4: Election for office will be in the following order:  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 5:  Members-at-Large are the balance of members in attendance at Council meetings.  

Section 5: The Principal and the Immediate Past Chair are automatically members of the Council Executive.
Article 9 - Legal Standing
Section 1: The School Council will operate under the Policies and Procedures of the Board.

Section 2: The School Council exists primarily for the purpose of contributing to the ongoing improvement of the learning environment. As an advisory body, the Council may provide advice to the Principal and/or the Board on any matters it identifies as priorities.

Section 3: The School Council may not deal with the performance of individual staff members or other personnel issues.

Section 4: Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1989), the School can not access information on individual students and staff. Individual members of the school community shall deal directly with the staff member and/or the Principal to resolve specific concerns.

Section 5: The fiscal year and administrative term of office shall normally be from September 1st to Aug. 31st.
Section 6: Upon dissolution of the School Council any funds raised by the Council will revert to the school.
Section 7: No one can receive personal financial gain through membership or association with the School Council.
Section 8: Allocation of funds raised by the School Council will be based on the needs and priorities of the school as established by the Principal.

1 ñ Duties
a)      The Chair shall:
•     schedule Council meetings in consultation with the Principal
•     prepare the agenda and chair the meetings
•     ensure the minutes of the meetings are recorded, distributed and maintained
•     serves as ex-officio member of all committees
•     communicate regularly with the Principal
•     consult, on behalf of the Council, with senior Board staff and trustees as needed, and arrange for the Council to be represented at related functions and meetings
•     provide for regular communication between the Council, parents, the community, and existing organizations within the school, as well as with other school councils
•     act as spokesperson for the School Council
•     have signing authority with the Vice-Chair and the Treasurer  (two of three signatures necessary)
b) The Vice-Chair shall:
•     serve in the Chair's place and with the Chair's authority in case of the Chairís absence or disability
•     consult with and advise the Chair
•     act as the Chair's delegate
•     submit School Council updates to the school monthly newsletter
•     summarize and distributes incoming correspondence for meetings
•     have signing authority with the Chair and the Treasurer  (two of three signatures necessary)
c) The Secretary shall:
•     give notice of all meetings
•     take, prepare and distribute minutes
•     conduct correspondence for the Council
d) The Treasurer shall:
•     keep funds of the Council in designated bank accounts
•     pay accounts within budgeted amounts or when authorized by the Executive to inform the Council when the account falls below a determined amount specified by Council in the beginning of the term
•     prepare and distribute financial statements for regular meetings and as requested by the Executive
•     have signing authority, with the Chair and Vice Chair (two of three signatures necessary)
e) The Principal shall:
•     facilitate the establishment and operation of the Council
•     support, facilitate and promote the Council's activities
•     act as a resource to the Council respecting laws, regulations, Board policies and collective agreements as required in order to facilitate the operation and business of the Council
•     obtain and provide information required by the Council to enable it to make informed decisions and provide appropriate advice
•     communicate regularly with the Chair of the Council

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