Return to School Update #5

Return to School Update #5
Posted on 09/01/2020

Welcome Back Bulldogs!

We look forward to welcoming students back on Thursday (last name A-K) and Friday (last name L-Z) this week!  Our staff have spent this week preparing for a safe, healthy and positive return for our school community - and we are ready :)

Please find below some final reminders for families as we begin this journey together.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions along the way - you can email me @

Class Placements:  Today (Tuesday) all families should have received an email from your child's teacher to welcome them to the class and to share some start-up information.  If you did not receive an email please feel free to call the school to access this information (613-542-6441).  Knowing your child's class/teacher will ensure a smooth start to our first day.  Class placements are very tentative until the third week of September when our staffing/number of classes will be confirmed.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up:   A reminder to families to please drop off your child as close to 9:00 as possible on the field (gr 1-6) or Kinder yard (JK/SK).   JK/SK parents will drop off at the gate,  and grade 1-6 parents are asked to leave the field promptly once your child is with their class cohort.  To ensure everyone's safety we need to limit the number of people on the yard and ensure classes are grouped together.   There will be many adults outside to help students find their special meeting spot.   Pick-up at the end of the day will be the same procedure with parents meeting their children on the yard and exiting after pick-up.

What to bring?:   Students should only bring supplies that are absolutely necessary.  We are recommending the following...  Mask (JK-gr 6),  Indoor shoes,  labelled water bottle,  lunch/snacks,  small pencil case with basic supplies (gr 1-6).

Active Screening:  All families are required to complete active screening for Covid symptoms prior to arrival at school each day.  If your child has any of the following symptoms,  they must stay home. 

Fever,  Chills,  Cough (new or worsening),  Shortness of breath,  Sore Throat,  Runny Nose,  Lost sense of taste or smell,  Pink eye,  Sustained headache,  Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Stomach pain, Extreme Fatigue, or Difficulty with balance

Students who are symptomatic while in the school environment will be isolated from others and sent home immediately.  Students will need to be seen by a medical practitioner or visit the Covid assessment centre prior to school return.   A detailed response protocol will be shared with families in the coming days.  It is our collective responsibility to keep everyone safe!

Virtual Learning:   For students who have initially opted out of in-class learning,  your teacher will be in touch on Tues Sept 8th with information and updates.   Families are encouraged to contact Mr.Blackburn prior to Sept 14th if you are considering returning to school so we can ensure a space in a classroom.  Virtual learning will officially begin on Thursday Sept 24th when students will be assigned to a new class and teacher.  The next re-entry date to school has not been confirmed at this point.

We are really excited to welcome students back to school!  The first week will be filled with many fun activites and opportunties to connect,  learn and feel a sense of belonging and safety. 

Can't wait to see you Bulldogs!