School Reopening Update #3

School Reopening Update #3
Posted on 08/24/2020

School Reopening Update #3

Hello Winston Families!

Please find below important information regarding school reopening plans and staggered entry for students.  I will continue to send weekly updates and additional communication when important information is shared.   I also encourage you to continue to access the Limestone DSB website for FAQ's and important information.

Staggered Entry Information

The Ministry of Education recently announced that school boards were encouraged to adopt a staggered start to the 2020-21 school year to allow additional time for students to adjust to new routines, and health and safety practices.   In Limestone, the first day of school is Thursday Sept 3rd.  Elementary schools will organize staggered entry of students over the first six days of school with all students attending together on Monday Sept 14th.   Please find below the staggered scheduled for Winston Churchill PS.

Last names A-K :   Attend on Thurs Sept 3,  Tues Sept 8 and Thurs Sept 10

Last names L - Z:  Attend on Friday Sept 4,  Wed Sept 9 and Friday Sept 11

I recognize the pressures a staggered start puts on families to coordinate childcare and family routines.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we facilitate the best start possible for all our students and staff.

What can I expect at school this year?

There are many ways that this school year will feel different for staff and students, however,  there are many amazing things that will remain the same.   The information below is for your awareness and to help prepare your child for a unique start to school.   I will also be sharing a video later this week to show families and students what might look and feel different this year and what to expect on the first day :)


The same:  Students will enter/exit the school through a designated door with their class at the beginning/end of the day and following all recesses.

New/Different:   Students will time outside with their class at the start/end of the day to enable a staggered entry into the school.   Each class will have a designated area to gather while remaining physically distant during entry/exit.   Families will only be able to access the school yard for a brief period to drop-off/pick-up and should not gather at any point.    We strongly encourage students to be dropped off at the school as close to 9:00 as possible.   Students will not be permitted to play on the yard before school.


The same:   Students will have two recess breaks where they can play with their friends!  Climbers will be open.

New/Different:   Students will only be permitted to play with students in their class (cohort) and will be assigned a zone of the yard to play within.   A schedule will be developed that rotates classes through zones each month.


The same:   Students will eat in their classrooms and will be supervised by a caring adult.

New/Different:  Students will need to remain in their designated seat for the entirety of the lunch period.  They may remove their masks for eating/drinking.

Class Instruction/Learning:

The same:  Students will have all of their regular subjects and will be engaged in many positive learning experiences throughout the day.

New/Different:   Students in grades 4-6 will be required to wear a mask while in the classroom/school and Jk-3 students are strongly encouraged to follow this practice as well.  Students in grade 1-6 will be assigned a desk where they will need to remain for more of the day then they are used to.   Classes will be accessing outdoor space for a significant part of the school day to allow for movement and mask breaks.


The same:  Classes will have 2 or 3 PhysEd classes each week

New/Different:   Classes will not be using the gymnasium at this time,  all phys-ed instruction will occur outdoors.

Sharing Supplies:

New/Different:  Students will not be sharing school supplies or materials.  We are encouraging gr 1- 6 families to send students with basic supplies in a personal pencil case to start the year.   Any supplies that need to be shared will be sanitized between uses.


The same:  The school will be cleaned thoroughly every day.

New/Different:   Additional cleaning of high touch areas will occur multiple times within the school day (door handles,  bathrooms/faucets etc.)


The same:  Agendas will be sent home with grade 1-6 students mid-September for home-school communication.  Families are also welcome to call the school to request teacher contact.

New/Different:   Teachers will not be collecting agendas for review.   Students will open the agenda on their desk to share any notes and teachers will respond via agenda or sticky note.   Parent meetings will occur virtually or via phone at this point.

Parent Support:

The same:  We value your partnership and ongoing support and look forward to collaborating throughout the year to ensure success for all!

New/Different:   At this point parents are not able to access the school building.   Parent volunteers are not permitted at this time.

Washrooms/Hand Washing:

The same:  Students will have access to washrooms throughout the day when needed.

New/Different:   Students may need to wait to use the washroom depending on the number of students in the space.  Signage will be posted and student training around protocols will occur.

Students will also be instructed to wash/sanitize their hands multiple times within the school day (whenever entering/exiting the classroom)

Other Information:

Visit Days -  The school will be open on Thursday August 27th and Friday August 28th from 9:30am - 2:30pm for very brief visits/tours for our new families or students requiring a specialized transition plan.   Masks will be required during the visit.

Technology -  If you borrowed technology to support remote learning in the spring,  please stop by the school on the above dates/times to drop off the items.   If you are not able to make it during these times,  please send the Chromebook with your child on their first day to be returned.

As always,  if you have specific questions or would like to speak to someone at the school please call us at 613-542-6441  or email Mr.Blackburn @