Our Staff

Regular and ongoing communication with families is important to our school and our students success.   Please contact your child's teacher via phone or the agenda to schedule a meeting or connection.

Many teachers have Twitter accounts to share their class' learning.  Information on how to stay connected will be shared.

 Grade Teacher
JK/SKA K. Mardicis
JK/SKB S. Pharoah (AM)/HayLey Martin (PM)
1 M. Gladstone
1/2 A. Boulieris
2 D. Gencarelli
3 H. Johnston
3/4 G. Glebe
4/5 J. Rochefort
5 L. Monahan/S. Boughen
6A E. Keobel
6B S. Pottery
SOAR E. Travers/ L. Fenwick
SST  L. Lamarche
Planning S. Munro
French D. Churchill
  T. Wallis
ESL K. Lane
 ECEs L. Samas
  K. Hawley
 EAs S. Gambicourt
  S. Williamson
  A. Raymond
  K. Miller
  L. Griffin
  C. Veley
  C. Ortiz
  C. Sousa
  A. Chin
Principal J. Borges
Office Administrator K. Jesse
Custodial Staff J. Morrison (Head)
  Z. Gauvreau