Our Staff

Regular and ongoing communication with families is important to our school and our students success.   Please contact your child's teacher via phone or the agenda to schedule a meeting or connection.

Many teachers have Twitter accounts to share their class' learning.  Information on how to stay connected will be shared.

 Grade Teacher
JK/SKA K. Mardicis
JK/SKB E. Moorhead
1/2A M. Potter
1/2B K. Jackson
2/3 D. Gencarelli/C. Johnston
3 H. Johnston
4 J. Rochefort
4/5 S. Boughen
5/6 E. Koebel
 6 T. Duncan
SOAR L. Fenwick
SST  L. Lamarche
 ECEs L. Samas
  T. Selle
 EAs M. Almedia
  K. Hawley
  N. McCann
  K. Miller
  R. Rowe-Young
  S. Williamson 
Principal G. Zelmanovits
Office Administrator K. Jesse
Custodial Staff K. Marshall (Head)
  Z. Gauvreau